Brand: Stone Pro

Product Code: SP-TF-D3

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Traverfill - Travertine Hole and Void Repair

Surfaces: Use on travertine, terrazzo, travertine and other unpolished stone.

Coverage: 50-200 sq. ft. per pound.

Results: Repairs small holes in travertine helping to creating a solid and void free surface. Improves appearance and keeps surface easy to clean.
Limitations: Repairing larger holes or cracks may require a polyester resin or epoxy resin. Meant for small holes.

  • Use for long lasting repairs of holes and voids
  • Dries to a matte finish
  • Easy to use: just mix with water
  • Special bonding properties increase durability
  • Create custom color with light and dark options
Unsightly holes and pits can make your beautiful travetine floor look horrible. Stone Pro TRAVERFILL is your answer. This factory-quality traverfill powder repairs small holes in travertine. Added accelerants provide adhesive properties. THIS IS NOT A GROUT. Available in a light and dark color. Can be mixed together to match any travertine perfectly.