Brand: Stone Pro

Product Code: SP-P-PPQ

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Polish Pro - The Ultimate Crystallizer

Surfaces: Marble, granite, terrazzo and polished concrete

Coverage: 1000-3000 sq. ft. per gallon.

Results: Highly polished marble, granite, terrazzo and polished concrete surface with increased density. More resistant to soil, staining and traffic wear.

  • Increases surface density and reflectivity by creating a hard crystal polish
  • Use with white, hogs-hair or hogs hair extreme pads
  • Can be used with conventional low-speed swing machine or with a hi-speed burnisher
  • Polish 600-1200 sq. ft. per hour
  • Reduce labor costs by eliminating the need to clean-up steelwool fibers
  • Can be used with any 175-3000 RPM machine; hand-polisher, floor polisher or high-speed buffer
A revolutionary liquid maintenance crystallizer that does not require the use of steel wool. Does not darken grouts and eliminates messy clean up. Achieves a durable shine and polish. THIS IS NOT A WAX. This unique crystallizer has properties which allow us to achieve a durable crystallization polish with the use of a white pad, hogs-hair pad or hogs-hair extreme pad.