Brand: Stone Pro

Product Code: SP-P-NT08

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Stone Pro Natural Touch - Etch Removing Compound

Surfaces: Marble, travertine, limestone and natural stone surfaces

  • Natural Touch is ideal for restoring the polish of marble, travertine and limestone countertops, floors and walls
  • Marble, travertine, limestone and natural stone surfaces
A unique buffing compound that restores shine and polish to damaged marble and travertine surfaces. Removes etch-marks, dull spots and "water rings" caused by acids coming into contact with marble or travertine countertops and floors. Restore etched or damaged marble, travertine and limestone surfaces to a beautiful polish with natural touch. Natural touch etch remover is an easy to use buffing compound for removing etch marks, dull spots, and light scratches on calcium based natural stone. Such as marble, travertine and limestone.