Brand: Stone Pro

Product Code: SP-C-CCRTU32

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Crystal Clean - Daily Stone and Tile Cleaner - Ready To Use (RTU)

Surfaces: Use on granite, marble, travertine and all natural stone surfaces or any engineered stone product, stainless steel, glass, brass, windows, mirrors, porcelain, tile and most hard surfaces.

Recommended Uses: Ideal for use on all stone surfaces, quartz surfaces, porcelain, ceramic tile and grout. Also works well on glass and stainless steel surfaces making it an all purpose kitchen surface cleaner

Results: Clean and residue-free granite and all natural stone surfaces

  • Reseals as it cleans. For commercial or residential use
  • Ideal for granite, marble, travertine, porcelain, tile, grout and quartz surfaces
  • Safe for food preparation surfaces
  • Dries with no streaks, water-spots or build-up
  • No wax build-up on the surface. Non-toxic and biodegradable
Ready to Use formula. Easy to use neutral pH daily cleaner to all natural stone surfaces. A rinse-less cleaner that will not streak or leave water spots. Includes our Advanced Flouropolymer Protectant for added sealant protection. Crystal clean is a pH neutral cleaner for all natural stone and tile surfaces. Easy to use and ideal for use in the home or by the maintenance professional. Crystal clean is detergent-free formula thoroughly cleans without leaving detergent build-up that can dull natural stone surfaces. Dries quickly without streaking or spotting.