Brand: SMK-Link Electronics

Product Code: ESS-SKKVP4592

UPC: 715262045927

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SMK-Link Electronics RemotePoint Ruby Pro Presenter, 75 ft. Range, Black
  • Bright red laser pointer.
  • Large slide controls.
  • Slide blank switch.
  • Plug-and-play, no learning curve.
  • PowerPoint & Keynote compatible.
  • 75 ft wireless range.
  • Windows & OS X compatible.

The RemotePoint Ruby Professional Presenter is a serious 'meat & potatoes' presentation remote with large slide controls, red laser pointer, screen blank button and a 75 ft range. Its sleek soft-touch case disappears in your hand. With no learning curve, Ruby Pro just works—every time (Windows & OS X). Projection Distance: 75 ft; Operating System Compatibility: Mac OS X; Windows; Class Type: 2; Presenter Type: Remote with Laser Pointer.