Brand: Scotch

Product Code: ESS-MMM6055BNS

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Scotch Double-Sided Adhesive Roller, 0.3" x 49 ft, Dries Clear, 4/Pack
  • Fast and easy way to roll on double sided adhesive.
  • Neat application, with no drying time and no wrinkling.
  • Great for paper-based home, office and school projects.
  • Applicator great for creating poster boards, arts and crafts projects, mounting photos, mounting receipts, and more!
  • Photo safe..
  • Refillable.

Fast, no-mess way to apply double-sided adhesive, and it's refillable. The adhesive rolls on easily, and unlike glue or glue sticks, there is no drying time and no wrinkling. Roller applies a fine dot pattern of double sided adhesive for a clean cut and secure hold. Great for home, office, and school projects. Adhesive Type: Solid; Packing Type: Cartridge; Washable: No; Color on Application: Clear.