Brand: Safco

Product Code: ESS-SAF9470NC

UPC: 073555947007

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Molded stone aggregate for any first impression area with a recessed bottom. High-density polyethylene plastic will not chip or dent. UV inhibitors limit fading in sunlight. Adaptable for anchoring and weighting devices. Uses standard 32" x 44" trash bags and telescoping base hides bag. Ash Urn with Side Openings—9" sq. stainless steel urn built into lid. No sand required. Four 9 1/2 x 4 1/2" disposal openings. Waste Receptacle Type: Ashtray Waste Bin; Material(s): Polyethylene; Stainless Steel; Application: Outdoor All-Purpose Waste Disposal; Tobacco Product Waste Collection; Capacity (Volume): 15 gal.