Brand: Quartet

Product Code: ESS-QRT807628

UPC: 034138076286

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Quartet Deluxe Chalkboard Eraser/Cleaner, 5" x 2" x 1.63"
  • Chamois-backed chalk eraser featuring six strips of premium-quality felt for superior chalk absorption and cleaning power.
  • Safe for use on all chalkboard surfaces.
  • Heavy-use — for classroom environments and large writing surfaces.
  • Constructed from wood with a natural finish for durability and style.

Superior chalk eraser is made of premium felt and cleans up blackboards fast without leaving a scratch. Perfect for large blackboards and high-volume teaching environments. Board Eraser Application: All Chalk; Eraser Pad Material: Felt; Eraser Width: 5"; Eraser Depth: 2".