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  • Use this for your kombucha, punch, alcoholic beverages and more!
  • Comes with MATCHING LID, crock ring and BPA Free, chome plated plastic silver faucet! Don't forget to order the lid.
  • This porcelain 2.5 gallon crock sits perfectly on a For Your Water crock stand for your counter, or floor (sold separately).
  • You can use this beverage dispenser with or without the lid! Put a bottle on top, or not.
  • This crock is a great gift that will be used for many years to come!

If you are in the market for a porcelain water crock these are some great high-quality, beautiful looking crocks. All of the porcelain crocks we carry can support water bottles of 2, 3 or 5 gallons and your water will remain at fairly consistent temperature as a result of being stored in a porcelain environment. All crocks are made using 100% lead-free porcelain and the water dispensers will provide you with a unique look for dispensing water or any liquid for that matter! Simply put these crocks on your counter or place it on one of the For Your Water stands.

Our customers say good things about our crocks - check the reviews! Compared to others on the market, our crocks do not smell strong with chemical odors, are easy-to-clean and come with everything you need (water bottle ring protector, faucet). Customers have used this for Kombucha, Wine Vinegar, your own distilled water and for use at parties for jungle juice or other alcoholic beverages. Its light enough that is is portable for you to take with you to party. The crock has a wide mouth and with a cheese cloth between the crock ring it helps to keep insects out. Our creative customers utilize the classic white version to use as a blank canvas to paint whatever design or color they want!