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Grand Opening Ultra High Speed Floor Finish offers unbeatable floor finish performance, achieving maximum shine wtih a minimum of six coats. Designed for daily burnishing and an unsurpassed wet look gloss. Dramatic initial gloss creates a powerful first impression. Striking response to daily burnishing for a rejuvenated shine every day. Highly resistant to scuff marks; designed to maintain your floor’s appearance throughout the day. Durable finish layers are resistant to wear, even in high traffic environments. PROFUSION Technology uses scientifically blended co-polymers and wax emulsions to deliver the perfect balance of shine and durability. Can be used with propane or electric burnishing. Application: Floor Finish/Sealant; Applicable Material: Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT); Sheet Vinyl; Terrazzo; All Finishable Floor Types; Scent: Unscented; Physical Form: Liquid.