Brand: OdoBan

Product Code: ESS-ODO95896212

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OdoBan Urinal Screen w/Non-Para Deodorizer Block, Cherry Scent, White/Pink, 12/Carton
  • Water-activated non-para deodorizer block.
  • Single-piece design reduces splashback.
  • Good for up to 2,000 flushes.
  • Includes: Includes 12 urinal screens with blocks

Water-activated non-para deodorizer block helps keep restrooms smelling fresh and clean. Single-piece (screen with block) design simplifies change-overs while minimizing urinal splash-back. Good for up to 2,000 flushes. Deodorizer Type: Urinal Block Screen; Scent: Cherry; Color(s): White/Pink.