Brand: O'Dell

Product Code: ESS-ODC727935

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O'Dell EchoFiber Microfiber Loop Mop, Medium, Split Microfiber, Green, 5" Green Headband
  • Superior strength.
  • Fits traditional mop handles.
  • Lasts hundreds of launderings.

Lightweight and fast-drying, EchoFiber mop heads combine the cleaning power of a split-microfiber pad with the convenience of a standard yarn mop. Standard head design ensures easy integration into traditional mop handle, bucket and wringer systems. Advanced microfiber, loop-end construction, bound by a fabric tail-band on one end and a fabric headband on the other, delivers premium performance, without tangles, snags or breaks, never leaving pieces of itself behind, no matter how old it may be or how many times it's been used. Providing excellent durability and longevity, this mop head also withstands hundreds of launderings with minimal wear. Head Type: Wet Mop; Application: Floor Maintenance; Mop Head Style: Loop-End; Mop Head Size: Medium.