Brand: For Your Water

Product Code: FYW-PU100

UPC: 0765552702153

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This manual drinking water pump is like no other. This model will fit onto any size bottle, screw-top or crown-top. This can can fit some 2 or 6 Gallon bottles ,but first most 3 or 5 gallon water bottles. The new fastener system can grab onto and seal any bottle is a breeze. The new fastener was designed with hygiene in mind. Previous models have always had a bunch of ridges and rough areas that are safe havens for germs. The new design has all of these parts on the inside with a nice surface on the outside. Simply adjust your tubes according to the size of the bottle and tighten the pump onto the bottle. This pump will dispense water as fast as you can pump it and it will do it very well. Fits most 3 OR 5 gallon bottles Dispenses as quickly or slowly as you would like Cleaning Kit provided, no batteries needed Made of 100 percent drinking water quality plastic