Brand: Lee Sortkwik

Product Code: ESS-LEE12134

UPC: 084417121343

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Lee Sortkwik Ergo-Style Fingertip Moistener, 1.5 oz, White
  • Ergo-style container is canted toward you for easy access.
  • Convex product exposes more of the surface.
  • Attractive container you can keep on your desk for convenient use.
  • Using fingertip moistener helps prevent paper cuts.
  • Formula is not staining.

Improve your speed and accuracy when counting, sorting and handling paper or currency. Provides moisture for a positive grip which lessens tension and hand fatigue. Ergo-style container is canted with convex shape to expose more product surface. Container is made from recycled material. Moistener Size: 1.5 oz; Color(s): White.