Brand: ArcMate

Product Code: ARMTE-15387

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Widest and deepest jaw opening of nearly any other Reacher. Fingers open 5.25" and with a depth of 4.5" making the grabber mouth one of the largest available - it's the Mammouth. The Mammouth grabber has a very quick action trigger that requires very little trigger movement to close the finger end. This Reacher is recommended for large but light weight objects. Great for grabbing roll of paper towels, toilet paper, or Kleenex tissue off the top shelf. Tin cans too. It is not recommended wet slippery bottles that don't conform to the contour of the fingers. The quick trigger action makes litter pick up faster and easier, especially where there are multiple small or lightweight pieces of paper. The Mammouth grabber uses the best linkage for Reacher's - a steel rod. With this steel rod linkage, the trigger action is quick and positive. Other similar Reacher's use a gear mechanism which can become clogged with dirt and misaligned. The Mammouth grabber uses a simple internal lever action with fewer parts so your Mammouth grabber will be long lasting. No rubber cups to come off and replace. Wide jaw opening and depth ribbed abs plastic fingers are strong and rust proof and very easy to clean. Fingers are angled 35° for to improve your sight line and reach over shelf edges. Fingers are over molded with high friction and flexible coating to improve grasp. Satin finish anodized aluminum shaft is smooth and lightweight. Internal lever mechanism is fully sealed in rubberized plastic casing so dirt and water will not damage mechanism. Pick up capacity is 4 to 5 lbs. Available lengths and weight 16" - 6.2 oz 28" - 8.5 oz 36" - 10 oz.