Brand: Groom Industries

Product Code: CRW-AR57

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Say goodbye to sealing grout on your hands and knees and waiting for the grout to dry before sealing. Fill this wand with No Wait Sealer, press for the amount of flow desired and go. The patented dispenser tip is designed so it will not release liquid until it comes in contact with the grout and is slightly depressed. This action releases a metered amount of liquid onto the distribution wheel as it rolls forward on the grout line. It is as easy as one-two-three. It helps you apply the correct amount of liquid in a short period of time. Included with the Grout Wand are both 1/8" wheel and 1/4" wheel for grout sealing and colorization. How to use: 1. Place wheel on grout joint 2. Depress wand 3. Roll wheel forward and back to dispense liquid.