Brand: Groom Industries

Product Code: CRW-1662-2971

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This stainless steel grout brush is the ultimate in grout cleaning brushes. This is not your average nylon or plastic tyne grout brush for average stains or cleaning. This stainless steel grout brush will stand up to deep grim and dirt from years of grout use and abuse. You will be amazed at the amount of trapped soil this brush can remove. This steel grout brush will easily clean up stains you either thought were permanent or had to use harsh cleaners to remove. Paint? No problem. It'll cut right through it and won't damage grout. Embedded oil and grease? After a few strokes the tile will look like new. The bristles are stiff enough to dig deep into the pores in grout and scrub out dirt, yet soft and pliant enough that they don't damage or tear out grout. The stainless steel brush won't rust, so you don't have to worry about leaving orange stains on grout, and is easily cleaned up. This Steel Grout Brush will fit most American thread poles.