Brand: For Your Water

Product Code: FYW-STM55WNV

UPC: 735343850370

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  • Water stand and valve perfect for consistently having accessible water, ideal for sturdy counter water dispenser taking up minimal space on countertop, replaces small electric water coolers, use the white spigot by pinching the two tabs
  • Water dispenser stand is made of plated steel, featuring removable plastic grips for stability and scratch protection, strong and stable water jug stand supports 2, 3, 5 gallon water jugs securely
  • Water spout easy efficient way for dispensing from reusable plastic water bottles, water cooler spigot has super fast flow rate, water valve fits any bottle tops (as long as you buy right faucet)
  • Beautiful water stand is a great tabletop water dispenser for indoor, outdoor, parties, picnics or camping use
  • Using it provides a fast, clean, efficient way to dispense from water bottles


UPC: 735343850370