Brand: 3M

Product Code: ESS-MMMAG270W9B

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3M Antiglare Frameless Filter for 27" Widescreen Monitor, 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Helps reduce glare and mirror-like reflections which makes your screen easier to use in high-glare situations.
  • Compatible with most touchscreen displays.
  • Removable, re-attachable and easy-to-apply.
  • Attaches with optically clear adhesive strips that can easily be applied and reapplied numerous times.
  • Lightweight, thin, frameless design.
  • No lamination and no bubbles.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Protects screen against scratches.
  • Includes: Cleaning Cloth; Set of Attachment Strips; Set of Slide Mounts

3M Anti-Glare Filters help reduce mirror-like reflections from indoor bright lights to help keep what's on your laptop or monitor clear and visible. 3M Anti-Glare Filters diffuse light to reduce glare, are easy to apply, remove, and re-attach numerous times as needed with no lamination or bubbles and are compatible with most touchscreen displays. Diagonal Monitor Size: 27"; Fits Device Type: For Widescreen Monitor; Frame Type: Frameless; Mounting: Mounting Tabs or Self-Adhesive Strips.