Brand: ArcMate

Product Code: ARMTE-32PP-PS-1

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Narrow pistol grip is easy to hold. Stainless steel fingers are 20% stronger and will not rust. Lift objects up to 6 lbs. and up to 4.5" wide. Lock can be activated with your thumb, either right- or left-handed. Just squeeze trigger, push the lock button. To release, just squeeze the trigger a second time. Use of the lock is optional. Handle can be twisted 90° for easier access into tight spots, like between the washer and dryer. Just twist the reacher not your wrist! Silver satin finish aluminum is lightweight at 11.2 ounces. Feel more independent living in your own home. This reacher is so durable it is Guaranteed FOREVER! New nimble, matching blue silicone cups are flexible enough to pick up items off the floor as small as a dime, yet strong enough to handle a jar of peanut butter or box of cereal.