Brand: For Your Water

Product Code: FYW-BT120BADB

UPC: 0765552705055

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  • FOR YOUR REFRIGERATOR - This is meant for your refrigerator - don't you just love a cold beverage?
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY - The handle allows you to take this with you on the go fits nice
  • VOLUME SIZE - From 1 Gallon to 3 Gallon - We carry different sizes
  • PERFECT SIZE - Small enough to lug around with you yet big enough for sharing
  • VOLUME MEASUREMENT - You can see how much you have left or consumed


This listing is for several different sizes and colors of refrigerator bottles. Please ensure you select the right size you want. These are great for on the go, for having a nice ice cold water or tea to come home (or to work) to. Electronic and ceramic dispensers are great - but this is small enough to fit in your fridge easliy on its side flat or standing up to get your nice ice cold aaaahhhhhh fix.