Drinking water or any other consumable is not returnable.
Our return policy is simple really: you have 30 days to return the item. If there are any manufacturer defects or shipping issues please send a photo so we can claim with manufacturer/carrier. 
If the return reason is due to our fault, we will return or replace the item. Else, the customer must return the item to:
11804 Woodruff Ave., 
Downey, CA 90241
And reference order ID (Contact CustomerService@ForYourWater.com for more help)
For Your Water reserves the right to use whatever shipment carrier and method it chooses, so long as it is received within the date of when the order it to be received -- if there is an issue please contact us before ordering
Please let us know if you cannot accept packages from a specific carrier. In rare cases, shipping rate may change if we have to use an alternative method.
In addition, if the address provided at checkout is returned to us as undeliverable for any reason we reserve the right to refund your order less the 20% restocking fee as well as the two-way postage paid for your order.
Please ensure the shipping address you provided us was correct when checking out and that you're able to receive the goods using any carrier. (We utilize the popular carriers: FedEx and USPS)
If there is a claim of defect or broken product, please send a photo for our insurance for proof of claim and once received we will issue your return label, credit or refund. ALL CLAIMS FOR DAMAGE MUST BE MADE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIVING GOODS.
  • We NEVER refunded shipping charges as the product did ship.