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My definition of a wood working shop rag is a relatively soft, adsorbent piece of cloth. Old T's are great but I can't count on the supply. An absorbent rag is really key for me. An absorbent cloth not only attracts liquids but is also good at releasing them. An important property when applying stains and finish. Star Wiping Washed Jersey Knit Rags are the most absorbent rags I think I've seen but that is only part of the story. These rags aren't cut up T-s or cut up clothes of any kind. They were raised to be nothing more than rags. Star Wiping rags are made from a cotton blend - grown, spun, woven, processed and boxed 100% in the USA. These rags are the best I've seen for staining, finishing, polishing or sucking up spilled coffee on your workbench.